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Endless Online RPG Disclaimer
This is a legal agreement between you (either an individual or an entity), the end user, and EndlessOnline regarding use of this software. By installing, copying, or otherwise using the Software, you agree to be bound by the terms of this Agreement. If you do not agree to the terms of this Agreement, do not install or use this Software. This license agreement applies to EndlessOnline that may be downloaded from or any other authorised site. This Software is provided to you free of charge. The Software or any other materials provided in this package may not be modified in any way. You may NOT upload the software to a freeware or shareware site without first receiving written permission from EndlessOnline. Also no parts of The Software or other files provided in this package may be reproduced in part or in whole. You may not reverse engineer, decompile, or disassemble this software product.

EndlessOnline expressly disclaims any warranty for this software. The Software is provided "AS IS". You agree that by accepting this license, you are expressly acknowledging that the use of this software is AT YOUR OWN RISK. Any harm or damage to your system by running this software will also be for your own risk. We do not ensure continuous, uninterrupted, reliable, error-free, secure operation of the Software, the Game or your Account.

Table of contents

- Player rules
- Guardian / admin rules
- Developer rules
- Server policy

Player rules
1.1 You are not allowed to manipulating your lag, no matter how this is accomplished (downloads, modem feature, program). Non-abusing players exhibiting extreme lag will be asked to reconnect to the game. Third party programs, such as debuggers, bots, cheats are not allowed on our server.

1.2 Though we are using language filters you are still not allowed to use any offensive or sexually explicit language in a name, private or public chat. Do not flame, blackmail or harass other online players, endless online should be a friendly place for all.

1.3 We are not responsible for the lose of items, stats, characters or even accounts as a result of death or lag. However if you feel that you have been mistreated please contact any high game master or send an email to, we will try and see if we can help you. Do not expect that we WILL help you, that decision is made by us.

1.4 Players should not create offending names for their characters, offending names based on sexual, religious, hate or racial ideas will be changed or deleted.

1.5 You may not organize any guilds or groups that are based on sexual, religious, hate or racial ideas.

1.6 Unusual activities like hacking, cheating or flooding that can damage the server are not allowed. If you choose to do such activities you will be banned. Also do not create more then one account, multiple account will be deleted from our server.

1.7 Always show respect and listen to the guardians and game masters. However if you think you have been mistreated or have a serious complaint about a game master. Contact one of the higher game masters. Do not expect that we WILL help you, that decision is made by us.

1.8 The safety of an account is the responsiblity of the player itself. A player is not allowed to tell his/her password to anyone, not even to an Endless staff member We are not able to recover stolen account(s) due password theft.

1.9 You may never represent yourself as 'staff', developer, guardian or game master. If you ask a player about his / her account or password you will be considered as a hacker. Endless Online staff will never ask you about your password.

1.A We do not support any player to player trades with real money involved. Your business will be solely with the player and your service provider (e.g. paypal, creditcard) In case you end up being scammed we advice you to open a dispute with paypal/cc company. we simply have no way to verify any financial transfers outside the game.

1.B We are not, in any way, responsible for the behaviour of all players.

Guardian / admin rules
2.1 Guardians are normal game players who volunteer their time to ensure the well being of all players in Endless Online.

2.2 The guardian job is the keep Endless Online free of harassment, abuse, cheating and bugs. The guardian helps all players that are in need of assistance. The guardian can be too busy to help you in that case you have to wait for another available admin.

2.3 Guardians never abuse their powers to unbalance the game, damage online players. This means that guardians cannot use your abilities to give 'friends' an advantage above others (for example helping them getting experience points much faster)

2.4 Guardians never kick or ban online players without a very good reason. Personal conflicts between a player and a guardian may never result in an unfair treatment by a guardian.

2.5 We are not, in any way, responsible for the behaviour of all guardians.

Developer rules
3.1 Developers are people who are willing to help develop endless online. Helping develop endless is on a voluntary base, which mean that all developers are doing work without expecting to be rewarded for it.

3.2 Any material given by a developer will become property of Endless Online. Which means that once your work has been used in the game you cannot claim it back or expect to be given a reward for it. Also it will be impossible for us to remove your work once its build in our game.

3.3 As an artist or musician its very important that your work is from your own hand, you may NEVER copy artwork from others this is considered as theft.

Server policy
4.1 Do not use, copy , or lend any part of our website without written permission. Also do not hotlink directly to files, images or other resources, this is considered as bandwidth theft and will be reported to our ISP.

4.2 EndlessOnline expressly disclaims any warranty for the operation of the server, damage to your character(s) or system as the result of a server malfunction. We do not ensure continuous, uninterrupted, reliable, error-free, secure operation of the server.

4.3 It is illegal to use or develop third party software like web pages, scripts or any other type of programs that are using the Endless Online server to operate. This includes, but is not limited to game calculators, 'trainers', flooders, perl, php scripts etc.

4.4 We are not, in any way, responsible for all content on the forums. This includes, but is not limited to posted topics, usernames, signatures and hyperlinks to (harmfull) 3d party websites.


Endless Online - a massive online world by Vult-r 2007

Endless Online (c) 2003 - a free online mmorpg , please do not use any parts of the game / website without our permission.

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